NOARK Electric: Ex9UEP 20R 2P 1000

110176 Ex9UEP 20R 2P 1000

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EAN: 8592765101761

Ogr. przepięć SPD Ex9UEP z wbudowanym stykiem pomoc. typ II, 1000 V DC, 2 moduły szer., dla uziemionych systemów PV


Parametar Vrednost
Degree of protection (IP) IP20
Type of poles 1
Signalling at the device Optic
Width in number of modular spacings 2
Construction size 2 modular spacing
Short-circuit-proof NO
Mounting method DIN rail (top hat rail) 35 mm
With remote signalling contact YES
Category type 2 YES
Nominal discharge surge current (8/20) 20
Nominal voltage AC
Max. conductor cross section solid (solid, stranded)
Integrated backup fuse NO
Max. conductor cross section flexible (fine-strand)
System configuration DC
Max. continuous voltage AC
Voltage protection level L-N
Voltage protection level N-PE


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